June 1, 2020

#AmadySnaps: Big Love, Small Moments

You’re all set with your engagement shoot! You laid out the plans, ready to book the location, and you have your make up artist ready.

But what if?

What if the only make up you have are your tints and brow gel? Your usual shirt and jeans for the wardrobe? And your messy bed, your own kitchen or your mismatched elements in your living room are what’s left as possible location?

The only thing special – are the two of you.

With these in mind, Amady Manila launches #AmadySnaps. 

Amady Manila believes that there will always be extraordinary in the ordinary; there is beauty in what is usual.

For inquiries about their #AmadySnaps packages, send an email to [email protected]or +63 917 119 1177.

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