July 9, 2020

#WEGrooms: Get groomed by American Crew

America’s Official Supplier to Men is now on Lazada, Shopee, & 

Sure! It’s no longer ‘girly’ to be straightforward interested in taking care of your skin, hair, and over-all look, plus the rising pressure from different media platforms that fuels the business of grooming products specifically for men, with big brands and retail shelves pushing men’s zone, there is no other brand who can claim superior understanding of men’s grooming than America’s official supplier for men, AMERICAN CREW. 

As we’re all aware, men have tougher and oilier skins than women (in general), and to add shaving as a skin sensitizing activity, and you have a tough job on hand, plus the good ‘ol time dapper hair grooming and styling requirements, that is why AMERICAN CREW equally divided its efforts in creating high-quality products for hairstyling, beard care, hair care, and body care essentials, providing men what they need to look good all the time. True, to this commitment, AMERICAN CREW’s 2 in 1 Skin Moisturizer & Beard Conditioner was selected as BEST BEARD CONDITIONER by Men’s Health Grooming Awards 2020. 

As a significant number of Filipino men are leaning towards looking groomed and drawing greater self-confidence from looking good, it was then the time for a barbershop brand to broaden its reach towards making it available to general consumers. That is why, New Summit Colors Distribution Inc., the official distributor of American Crew is now offering their products on Lazada LazMall Flagship Store: New Summit Colors Distribution, Shopee Mall: AmericanCrewPH, and 

And, finally, because you are reading this article we’re giving you a 10% discount by using WEGROOMS before you check-out @

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