August 17, 2020

The New Look of Intimacy

Veluz, with her vast experience of creating gowns with the perfect fit and the gorgeous details, together with 3 of her closest friends in high school and college, armed with their visions of women, created designs and a brand that truly speaks of them.   

It is indeed a line of intimate apparel made by women, for women who know the importance of feeling good inside.  For women who value who they are, independent and confident with their thoughts; strong and fearless with their choices; just like every woman deserve to be. 

Collections were developed with a commitment to choosing the right materials, perfecting the fit and every detail.  The first collection launched together with the website include the Everyday Essentials and Lace Essentials.  The Everyday Essentials are considered the must-haves for women.  These are the basic styles in silky, lightweight  fabrics that provide support and coverage everyday.   The Lace Essentials are the perfect lace options you have for the season.  Cheeky panties and bralettes in silky and stretchy lace fabric that are both comfortable and sexy at the same time. 

Patterns were altered along the way after a series of wear tests, materials were scrapped after several washes. Every aspect considered, every detail lovingly perfected. Now, we’re ready. Io Sono, is our line of intimate apparel made by women, for women, who know the importance of feeling good inside. Women who value who they are. Independent and confident with their thoughts. Strong and fearless with their choices. Just like you, Io Sono. — Veluz

Io Sono will be launching at least one new collection every month.  To keep yourself inspired and excited, get regular updates about their new styles and other activities, follow them on: Instagram: @iosonomnl | Facebook: | Twitter: @iosonomnl | Bookmark their website:

Ongoing promotion: Get 8% off your purchases by using the promo code: IOSONO8, valid until Aug 31, 2020. 


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