September 23, 2020

Settling with Perfection: Bespoke Manila

Bespoke Manila is a full-service event planning company with a history and a track record spanning over two decades. Its extensive and professional relationships with local suppliers, its core values, and its service philosophy that is predicated on collaboration and cooperation, rather than on competition, ensure that every event that the company undertakes is unique in images and spectacle. Its distinctive mark of quality work can be gleaned from one’s initial impression and the evident fastidiousness given to the littlest detail. It makes event planning as memorable and enjoyable as the actual occasion itself since clients are involved in the process and guided with sound advice every step of the way.

Currently, Bespoke Manila is solely managed by Ernest Pascual. For more than a decade, he is indefatigably assisted by two senior events associates—Ria Pascual and Van Cuenco—who have helped actualize the events beautifully envisioned by Ernest all through the years.

Ria joined Bespoke Manila in 2010 and has been involved in more than 100 events. She oversees the company’s daily goings-on with seamless direction and efficiency.  Meanwhile, Van, a planner and manager by nature, loves nothing more than using her skills to mount memorable events. Her professionalism and her “cool, calm, and collected” attitude amidst pressure are so reassuring and put clients at ease.

Figuratively speaking, social event planning for Ernest is like weaving a tapestry that is richly original and aesthetically cohesive. It is created with passion, much thought, and elements that neatly fall into place to form a unified whole.

Known for his refined taste, meticulousness, and artistry, Ernest  is the consummate event planner who not only provides knowledge and resources but also hatches or evolves ideas from concept to execution. His innate ability to incorporate his clients’ personalities into the essentials and proceedings of their particular occasion sets him apart from other industry professionals. Unmatched in his expertise and craftmanship—artistic or techical— in setting up splendid productions, he has become a much coveted events organizer. In addition to his area of expertise, Ernest is adept at graphic design. This enables him to highlight the importance of creative direction, styling, and branding in the events that his company cares to undertake.

The Bespoke Aesthetic

Bespoke Manila plans and designs events that feel real and capture the personalities of its clients. Establishing personal connections with them spawns countless novel and inspiring moments in all events it has organized in the past.

Particularly for weddings, Bespoke Manila intends to make client-couples look back at their weddings 10 or 20 years later and realize the momentous and timeless quality of their respective nuptials. Its work-driven staff members  neither overproduce details or overdo an aspect that will mar an event’s beauty and elegance in its simplicity. Their overriding approach is to flawlessly and effortlessly infuse personal touches that typify their clients.

Bespoke Manila is in the business of creating unforgettable celebrations which look sophisticated but not cluttered, and ingenuous but not contrived. It has conceptualized and arranged a variety of gatherings from intimate dinners and fun kiddie parties to grand milestone affairs. No matter what the occasion is, Bespoke Manila knows that every single detail reflects you or your brand. And every single detail must be impeccable. This company takes you and your event to a realm which is beyond the traditionally corporate, to an engagement on a personal level which all guests with sensitive senses can experience, enjoy and remember for a long time.

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