December 18, 2020

Here Comes the Sun



I remember it clearly as if it was just yesterday. It was around 11pm when I started writing my vows. I thought, “I should be asleep by now.” But no, there I was, digging up thoughts. No word seemed enough.

“This is it,” I thought. After noting my vows, I finally called it a day, so I set the alarm clock.

I pondered everything we did to prepare for the wedding. All those Pinterest boards, all those meetings in between. Yes, I was THAT kind of groom, the one you’d call OC. The one who almost left the bridal fair when they didn’t get that supplier we initially wanted to hire. As an architect, I strived for… you know it—perfection.

After a couple of hours, I woke up. Then, I looked at the clock, seeing “12/28/2019 2:15am.” 

At this point, maybe you’re thinking, “Why would anyone be awake at 2AM, anyway? Isn’t that a bit too early?” Well, when we booked at the Manila Cathedral six months before the wedding, 8am was the only slot available. 

I caught a glimpse of the window and looked for the sun. There wasn’t any sign of it yet. 

You see, our wedding idea revolved around the sun. We’ve always been fond of sunrises and sunsets. From beach hits to road trips, Katrina would always watch that giant ball of fire hit “that line where the sky meets the sea,” as the Disney song might put it.

Besides, what better way to symbolize a wedding? A sun signifies new beginnings and hope, after all. 

And so as I got out of bed to prep up for the day, I wished for nothing more than to see that sun. Because at exactly 8AM at the church, I would be marrying my sunshine. 


And the sun did rise, and it was time for us to seal the deal.

I couldn’t wait to see her walk down the aisle in her wedding dress. The gown itself was inspired by the sun, which is why we made it champagne, instead of diamond white. As cheesy as this may sound, Katrina was the light of my life, after all. Even the entourage members’ dresses were in shades of the sun, from yellow, to fuchsia, and tangerine to complement her dress. 

And my suit? It was in blue, the sky’s pantone. I specifically told everyone not to wear that hue, as stated in the invitation. And so the minute I arrived at the church and saw someone wearing a navy suit, I was pretty much triggered, to say the least.

But that was just one of the things that didn’t pan out as we thought it would. The thing is, one of our ninangs who just arrived from the US was rushed to the ER. As much as we wanted to celebrate our special day with her, she just couldn’t make it—which was totally understandable, of course. 

So there we were, all lined up for the wedding march. As I patiently waited for her turn to walk, I got really nervous—sweaty even. I wanted to go all out, to cry if I could. But I just stood there, teary-eyed and stunned as my beautiful bride walked in.

For me, it was perfect—but what really happened was that her bottom skirt got unhooked. It didn’t reveal anything, but it made it difficult for her to walk. On the flip side, if anything, it slowed down her march, which made us savor every moment of it. 


When we got to the reception, we didn’t know what to expect. Since we didn’t have the actual stage design, we had to leave it up to the stylist. The minute we stepped in, it was truly enchanting.

The lights flashed multiple shades of sunset, and the stage served as a cloud. The architect in me was brimming with pure relief and joy. The music was delightful, the smiles on everyone’s faces were comforting. But the thing that made me smile from ear to ear, was the fact that we were already married. We’re officially Mr. and Mrs. Gomez.

One of the most awaited is our SDE and I was so happy about it. It captured our story beautifully, from long rides to sunsets. Come to think of it, it was the perfect way to end the day.

And as the sun set that day, I found peace knowing that for every dusk and sundown from thereon, I would share them with my lovely wife. It really doesn’t get any better than that. 

Norvin and Katrina’s DREAM TEAM: Church: The Manila Cathedral | Reception: Conrad Manila | Wedding Planner & Coordinator: Sweet Comfort Events Management | Photo & Video: Sorrelle Isles Co. | Bridal Gown Designer: Merri Chan | Groom Suit Designer: BKS Couture by Boy Kastner & Merri Chan | Entourage Gowns Designer: Merri Chan | Customized Bridal Robe: La Tarcera | Bride’s Customized Shoes: Waltz Manila | Groom’s Customized Shoes: RE Craftsman | Hair and Make-up: Victoria Contreras | Reception Stylist & Florist: Events Central | Reception Customized Dance Floor: Mor Art Photo Art | Reception VIP Rental Chairs: 118th Rental | Lights & Sounds: A8TRAXX | Band & Music: Bernie Pasamba by Conrad Manila | Wedding Cake: Dexter’s Cake | Catering: Conrad Manila | Photoman: BaiCapture Design Photobooth: Holofoto | Emcee/ Host: Eri Neeman | Invitation Design & Prints: Neonovelties | Souvenirs – Plantable Pencils: Plantable Pencils by Jovy Benitez | Souvenirs – Personalized Leather Goods: Mr. Faux Leather Goods | Writer: April Jaime Vargas

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