January 6, 2021

Creators & Co. : Capturing Stories with Passion

#WENewandNovel — It all started with a simple “what-if” that sparked their shared interests of capturing endearing stories that made their hearts skip-a-beat. These stories then inspired the group to build Creators & Co. 

With a team no older than 25, the company fully launched in May of 2019, but started as an experimental company of fresh graduates in January of 2018, they joined a few bridal fairs, partnered with international photographers who are willing to share their artistry and knowledge. Creators & Co, like other budding companies, struggled to find that niche and what they really wanted to do. This group of fresh and young minds had so much ideas that they really had to find a common ground and how they want to market the company, hence, Creators & Co. focused on creatively capturing stories. Stories that inspired them to keep pushing creativity, and keep them inspired to do what they love…visual story-tellers! Visual stories that would magically take your hearts to unbelievable heights. The only limit is your imagination.

For more information and bookings you may follow Creators to & Co. on their social media pages: | | or mobile number +63 995 431 9926.

#WENewandNovel is a section of Wedding Essentials Magazine wherein we put the spotlight on up-and-coming, talented wedding vendors, with the hope that you get inspiration from them like how WE did.

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