January 11, 2021

#WENewandNovel featuring CASA: Comfort and style for your sole

Young designer and entrepreneur, Chynna Mamawal launched a new affordable line called CASA (which means home in Spanish). The brand’s mission is to present to the market, effortless, stylish and affordable footwear for special occasions and everyday use. CASA clothing and shoe-line is exclusively designed by Chynna Mamawal and produced by the same team as well.

Lolita Shoes P2,499/pair
White shoes with circle and square details. Heels is cylinder.
Sophia Shoes P1,649/pair
Nude shoes with gold details and gold cylinder heels
 Daisy Shoes P1,999/pair
Braided blush pink slip-ons with kitten heels
Astrid Shoes P1,649/pair
Leatherette slip-ons with wooden block heel (Available in two colors: tan and dark brown)
Brookes Mandals P2,699/pair
Sandals is made from genuine leather. (Available in two colors: tan and dark brown)

CASA is available at Lazada store: or social media accounts Facebook: Instagram:

#WENewandNovel is a section of Wedding Essentials Magazine wherein we put the spotlight on up-and-coming, talented wedding vendors, with the hope that you get inspiration from them like how WE did.

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