January 28, 2021

Made to Dazzle

While the wedding ring is the most important accessory that a bride must have on her wedding, one need not be bare and shun all other accessories during the most important day of her life. After all, the perfect accessories complete a great ensemble.  But before going all out with the bridal jewelry, there are still a few things to consider.

Buy the jewelry only after you’ve decided on the dress and the hairstyle.  The jewelry should first and foremost suit the dress and together they should form an ensemble.  When choosing earrings and a necklace, you should take into account the neckline of your gown.  For example, if your gown is strapless or if it has a low neckline, a necklace should complete the look, but for a gown with a high neckline, abandon the necklace idea and focus on the earrings instead.  Another rule you should follow is, if your gown is highly detailed, you should opt for simpler accessories.  If you’re wearing a tiara, it’s best to let go of earrings as the two will most likely clash. 

The hairstyle should also be considered when choosing the right jewelry.  When trying onjewelry, try to style your hair closest to what you envision your hairstyle will be like during the day, either up or down. 

The metals of your accessories will also depend on the shade of your wedding dress.  If your dress is pure white, platinum or silver jewelry is the perfect match, while an ivory dress calls for yellow gold.  An off-white dress though goes with either gold or silver and platinum.

If you want to go traditional with your accessories, you cannot go wrong with pearls.  But if you want a hint of sparkle in your wardrobe, diamonds are the way to go.  Just make sure that whatever you choose will reflect your own personal style.

Another way to help you decide on what style of jewelry to use is to match it with the location and theme of your ceremony.  An outdoor ceremony on the beach will call for a more non-traditional look, so perhaps a little pop of color into your accessory won’t hurt, while a church ceremony may require a more classic look. 

With all these things in mind, consider the budget.  If you believe that the accessories are just for the wedding day and not for future use, you can opt to rent them out.  But if you want to start a family heirloom, then investing in bridal accessories is a good way to start.

But most importantly, do not let your other wedding accessories outshine the wedding ring. They should obey the style of the ring and highlight its beauty.  Keeping the bridal accessories simple is the key.

FEATURED JEWELRY: These elegant handmade statement earrings are made from luxurious ostrich feathers, glass beads  ,satin ribbons ,fringes and studded with sparkling crystals and ivory pearls that can add both definition and sparkle to the sleek silhouette and less embellished bridal dresses.  This Christopher Munar bold statement earring collection will  fit into every wedding look. The must have for every bride who wants to wear a simple dress paired with a statement earrings.

CREDITS | Designer: Mikee Andrei | Photographer: Gideon Estella | Creative Direction: Reynaldo Santos, Jr. | Model: Sirene Sutton Makeup: Carissa Cielo Medved | Hair: Dave Grona | Accessories: Christopher Munar | Shot on location at Okada Manila

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