February 26, 2021

#WEFashion: VITA by Julianne Syjuco

The Designer 

Crafting garments and bridal wear that evoke romance is at the heart of Julianne Syjuco. With the blood of creative geniuses flowing through her veins, Syjuco knew at a very young age that she wields the power of creating pièces de résistance from the moment she set her eyes on the jewelry her mother designed. But she was destined to traverse a different yet equally ebullient and charming path – fashion design. With her signature flounce, innate flair, and whimsy, she carved her own name and brand as a destination for brides who yearn for intricate details, a collaborative process, and customer oriented-service. 

The Label

Julianne Syjuco launches VITA to mark a new beginning of life amid an incredibly tumultuous time. As the pandemic threatens lives and livelihood worldwide, she breathes life to a fresh start while paying homage to the beauty of life and what truly matters. Syjuco offers this label without losing her signature style that transports the wearer to a place of romance and reverie.

VITA mimics life as ever-flowing, perpetually adapting, and eternally inspiring. Showcasing aesthetics of artisanal elegance and refined beauty fused with idyllic simplicity, the VITA collections latched onto notions of relevance and reality.

The Line

Derived from the famous Italian phrase, Dolce Vita, or “sweet life,” this line under the VITA label puts great emphasis on sweet simplicity while showcasing Syjuco’s art of couture. An allegory to finding sweetness to life amid the somber scene, intricate seam work suggests an infinite rebirth of life – blossoming and thriving despite adversities.

Dolce VITA features two enigmatic collections:


Inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince, this collection captures the mystique of the essential and the joy it bestows. It follows the little prince’s journey who unearthed valuable lessons and experiences through his relentless quest to find love and happiness amid loss and despair.

Syjuco brought to life Saint-Exupéry’s prodigious story through delicate pleating, a multitude of fabrics, opulent textures of lace and brocade, with intricate structures and impeccable silhouettes, illustrating the fantastical realms and fanciful elements of the tale, from the iconic rose, the flock of birds, the wise words of the fabled fox, and a plethora of nuances depicted in the book.

It features six curated ensembles, namely Aereo, Uccelli, Rosa, Sahara, Stella, and Acqua. 



Inspired by Margery Williams’ The Velveteen Rabbit, this “Intimate Weddings” collection re-envisions the 1922 tale with a narrative that translates every line to every stitch and pattern. Featuring classic romantic elements that expunged the distinctions between the humble and the haute, they are feminine, soft, ethereal yet have that human ingenuity and substance.

The story focuses on realness, and this is what Syjuco aims to demonstrate. Intricate seam work and prominent details suggest metaphoric interpretation, such as the legendary rabbit’s bow around its neck. Exquisite ruffles juxtaposed with delicate laces, feathers, hand-sewn floral appliques, and crystal embellishments capture the beauty of the 19th century. After five-month gestation, Syjuco birthed a symphony; they are fairy tales that come to life. 

It consists of five impeccable pieces namely Coniglieto, Gioco, Cavalla, Vivaio and Nana. 


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