June 7, 2021

#WENewandNovel: 12|12 Press’ The Wedding Planner

Wedding planning can be so tedious, especially now that you’re limited to just planning your wedding on your own (at least during the first stages of it) but do not fret, WE found something that will help you with your journey to your big day!

Carefully crafted to help you plan, the Wedding Planner has 18 sections for planning, practical wedding tips per section, twelve-month undated calendar, wedding timeline and checklists, and areas for your sketches, ideas and even up to honeymoon plans. It is your personal memoir of your road to “I do”.

Its aesthetics give that clean, minimalist vibe. It takes out the clutter and supplements the brides’ planning by providing structure (addresses key components from a wedding that are itemized and seamlessly put together).

About 1212 Press

12|12 Press is aptly named as such as it is Dominique Ann I. Francisco-Deyto’s wedding date (12.12.2020), the founder and creator of The Wedding Planner. It came about as a need when Dominique was planning her own wedding – her ideas were all over the place, and her thoughts were haphazardly pieced together. She had a hard time deciding on what she wanted.

Her planning was truly no easy feat; more so, planning amidst a pandemic made everything even more challenging. Initially, Dominique opted for just an on-the-day coordinator, given that they had 2 years to plan their wedding. Needless to say, it proved to be challenging when they had to re-work all their plans on their own – they had to shift their mindset to piecing suppliers together again for their intimate wedding.

All her ideas were put on a makeshift notebook, divided per supplier. These included checklists as well as her notes. She then noticed that there was no structure. As organized and detailed person as she is (had this distinct passion for writing too), this prompted her into looking first for a wedding journal/planner but found none (all were from abroad).  This paved the way for Dominique to develop her own wedding planner, something future brides may be able to use as a guide throughout their planning.

The Wedding Planner is available at

Watch out for our promo post with 1212 Press soon! You might be one of the winners of The Wedding Planner.

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