June 14, 2021

#WEElementsOfStyle: Squad Goals

WE’re pretty sure that your #squad knows everything about your love life and even the smallest details of your wedding preparations. WE agree that every couple needs to have their closest friends and family with them as they embark on the “big day” journey!

For #WEElementsOfStyle we compile beautifully captured moments with the wedding “squad”. (Featured image by Team Benitez Photography)

Paolo and Diane I Photography by Amady Manila
Along and Shane | Photography by Bags Guides
Vince and Ally | Photography by Benjie Tiongco
Ling and Gelo | Photography by Foreveryday Photography
Anthony and Erin | Photography Jaja Samaniego
Rodrigo and Jen | Photography by Mayad
Kate and Jeff | Photography by Rae Cabradilla at Metrophoto
Mix and Iya | Photography Niceprint Photography
Jeanie and Jansen | Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto
Karen and Ian | Paolo Nierves at Metrophoto
Derrick and Jamie | Photography by Proudrad
Joel and Joy | Team Benitez Photography

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