July 21, 2021

#WENewHomes: Sanitize and clean with these affordable household appliances

Starting a new life with the love of your life can be a very exciting but daunting chapter in your life. Even more so when you’re entering this new phase in this unprecedented time when COVID-19 has changed most of our plans.

One shop that can help you get started with most of your household appliance needs is Monarc, a homegrown Filipino company that works with overseas manufacturers in providing a variety of affordable products in keeping your home safe and clean. With the demand for appliances that sanitize each and every nook of the house, Monarc started introducing products such as the robot vacuum cleaner, tabletop dishwasher, UV cabinet, and more.

“Each of our products has a story of its own,” says Gianina Tan of Monarc. “They are developed from a need, usually from our own families or our customers’ families, and made accessible to everyone. We are very proud of how our products combine minimalistic design with Smart technology to improve the safety and quality of our living spaces.”

And with many wishing they could test out Monarc products, the company recently put up a brick-and-mortar shop for customers to try and get to know more about their appliances that they offer. Located at the 4th floor of Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall, the sleek interiors matched the two-tone black-and-white appliances, making it inviting for everyone to go in and have a look.

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