August 19, 2021

Make your own whiskey blends with this online masterclass—for free

“When it comes to whiskeys, obviously, you want a whiskey for celebrations,” Chivas ambassador Matthew Parry tells Wedding Essentials. The liquor brand dates back to the 1860s, and it was a drink that was for the elite back then. Known to be the drink of choice for the fabulous parties thrown in that era, it now has over 10 product lines for liquor connoisseurs of all ages.

“So if you’re at a wedding, you want to pace yourself. You want to enjoy the event. And, obviously, drinking straight whiskey isn’t going to be the best thing,” Parry says with a grin. And with The Blend Virtual Experience that is available from August 2021 to June 2022, the complimentary virtual blending classes aims to teach drinkers how to enjoy whiskey at their own pace and preference.

“We believe that everyone deserves to appreciate the awesomeness of blended whisky. We’re excited for people to discover the blends they can come up with at our Chivas the Blend sessions, and for them to experience the excitement of enjoying Scotch whisky that they’ve made for themselves,” said Chivas brand manager Mary Jane Wong.

Sign up here and get a chance to learn from Parry for free. You can even receive your very own Chivas Regal Blending Kit for free, too! It comes with 50ml bottles of whiskeys in floral, fruity, citrus, creamy, and smoky flavors, Chivas Regal 12, beaker, pipette and another empty bottle to put your personalized concoction in. Those who are want more may purchase the limited-edition Chivas HiBall kit that comes with a Chivas 12 Y.O., mug, sticker pack, and two cans of soda water.

As a teaser, Parry shared with Wedding Essentials his personal recommendations and preferences on kind of whiskey drinks to serve on your wedding. “The purest way to bring out the flavor of the whiskey is to add water. Of course, the Philippines, Singapore, inside a wedding venue and it’s very warm, so you want something nice and refreshing and but something very tasty, too. Chivas is great in that sense because it’s very versatile, you can have the Chivas highball, and you can try it with apple juice or cherry juice or even different things to make it your own.”

Chivas has been infused with hybrid elements, but, for Parry, Chivas 18 is still one of the top choices. “A bit more refined, a bit more experienced in drinking whiskey. So I kind of envisioned a wedding where you have youngsters or people wanting to take a bit slower by sipping and relaxing, enjoying a high ball. And then, some will have the Chivas Regal XV which is something more refined and more elegant. Something that’s really great to raise a toast to the couple.”

Whatever whiskey you wish to serve on your wedding day, Parry has this to say, “It’s very much down to the individual… the option of ice or the option of soda normally caters for everyone.”

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