September 3, 2021

#WENewandNovel: Quintessential Craft

WE’s thrust is to promote genuine Filipino craftsmanship, especially when it comes to weddings. In this beautiful and continuously thriving industry, WE get to find talented people like Denise. CraftedbyDQ is founded by Denise Que (a proud left-handed artist and photographer).

Denise was surrounded by art when she was growing up, and with utmost curiosity to create things, from painting to DIY crafts. For her, modern calligraphy was easy to fall in love with, especially the glee of seeing them in print,  while photography became her second nature since childhood with the eagerness to capture moments of happiness and warmth.

CraftedbyDQ is committed to deliver and radiate light from within—from the use of raw and organic materials to the design perspective that is of international style and standard. Everything is crafted with thought to achieve meaningful pieces that provide clients a creative experience they will never forget—whether in calligraphy, design, or photography.

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#WENewandNovel is a section in Wedding Essentials Magazine wherein WE feature up-and-coming and equally talented wedding suppliers or the latest snippets in the wedding industry.

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