September 25, 2021

#WERealWeddings: Nothing mellow in Kris Bernal’s beautiful ceremony

Today’s wedding, though postponed, was worth the wait. Kris Bernal and Perry Choi finally got married, and they shared this special occasion with everyone through a YouTube Live event hosted by Nice Print Photo.

Dressed in an all-white fully embellished with sheer details that is the trademark of fashion designer Mak Tumang, Kris Bernal took her first steps into the church holding a bright yellow bouquet of calla lilies and dancing ladies. Striking, yes! But we’re also in awe with how picturesque the whole view is from where the guests are watching as she walked down the aisle. The whole venue was filled with sunflowers that appeared to envelope the glowing bride in white.

She wore a matching embellished pouffy headband, and jewelry by Jacatel Jewelry & Adornments. She played with her makeup via icy blue eyeshadow with glossy nude lips.

And don’t get us started with how fun their bridal car is—a Toyota FJ Cruiser in, what else, yellow color, too!

We also came across this over on Instagram stories posted by Kim Torres Events: two pairs of shoes (one by Mach & Mach and another one by Zanea). Plus a feathered embellisehd robe by Beyond White Weddings.

Absolutely love all the thoughtful details — well done!

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