November 11, 2021

#WEFashion: Designer Profile–Finding Opulence in Muslim Mindanao

You really can’t stop the diversity of weddings. Be it different personas, cultures, or beliefs, we all share one thrust and that is to unite. WE are happy to have spoken to one of the country’s pride, internationally- acclaimed designer from Muslim Mindanao, Mac Taug.

Muslim Filipino Fashion Designer | Fashion Designer at Fashion Institute of the Philippines – Ortigas | National Director, Miss Scuba Philippines | CEO, Mr. Moro Philippines Organization | Director, Mac Taug Couture | Photo courtesy of
Photography by Nice Print Photography

WE: Tell us about your design journey.

Mac: I started in 2009 in Maguindanao and then I went to Manila to take a fashion design program at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines (FIP)  and that’s where it all started. 2019 I had a  chance to showcase my creations on the Ramadan Runway and Indonesia fashion week, held in Indonesia. I am proud to say that other cultures is now educated of other Philippine fabrics like the Inaul, the traditional woven cloth of the Maguindanaon, which I used for my runway creation.  My intricate embroidery bridal designs became prominent to my Muslim clients as well.

Photography by Nice Print Photography

WE: What is your design principle?

Mac: Comfort, Style and Opulence – I make sure that I get to know  my clients’ personality and I let them share with me the ideas they have. I’m open to collaborate with them. They will be the ones to wear it, and I want them to be comfortable in it.

Yes I do let them send me pegs of what they want, but I do not believe in “copy and paste”. As an artist I believe that my clients come to me because of my unique designs and the comfort it gives them. My pieces are my story.

Photography by Nice Print Photography

WE: What is the difference of designing for Muslim couples? Do your couples have any special/unique design requirements? 

Mac: Designing for a Muslim couple is no different from a non-Muslim couple. It’s almost the same because they usually know what they want and they already have an idea before they visit my office. Muslim couples though, I think are more idealistic and more empowered about choosing  a piece they want. One thing also is that Muslim couples are all about opulence and extravagance. They dwell on the details. I always define my  Muslim couple as a royal couple, that’s why I also put “extra” in everything I do—be it the effort, the make and most especially the fabric.

For inquiries visit FB: Mac Taug Official or IG: mactaug1985

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