November 16, 2021

#WERealWeddings: Adele helps fan pull of surprise proposal in concert

Everybody has a soft spot for romantic songs. And while Adele belts out her signature songs at her recent “One Night Only” concert last November 14, 2021, she made that night even more memorable for one couple.

Quentin and Ashely have been dating for seven years, and Adele conspired with Quentin for him to propose that night on stage. According to Newsweek, Ashley was brought to the stage blindfolded, so she had no idea what was going to happen. Quentin took her mask off and got down on one knee.

That scene, ladies know all too well what was about to happen. Quentin started talking about how she meant to him with Ashley replying, “I’ve been your girlfriend for so long!” as the crowd laughed with the couple. Ashley knelt down and hugged Quentin tight as she said, “Yes!”

But it’s not over, the couple was quickly joined by Adele. “Hello, Ashley, Quentin. Are you alright?”

Ashley was caught off guard again, as Adele sang for the couple and the rest of the crowd. It was definitely a night to remember—a wonderful start to a new chapter for the newly engaged couple.

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