November 17, 2021

Keep your minds at ease with this powerful air purifier and sterilizer series

Now that we’re slowly easing our way out and hosting bigger events such as weddings, it doesn’t mean that we should let our guards down. As the hosts, we should make sure that all our guests are healthy and safe.

From prepping with the suppliers to the actual events, keep yourselves and the people around you at ease with products that help sanitize the environment. One of the things that we should add into our outdoor arsenal are purifiers and sterilizers.

While establishments and individuals have been accustomed to proper hygiene, one can’t avoid some mishaps along the way. And as the hosts, it’s best that we provide extra ammunition in instilling confidence among our guests and suppliers, especially when new virus variants are still developing.

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Proper ventilation and clean indoor air always help, and one way of making sure the air quality around us is topnotch is by choosing quality air purifiers and sterilizers. The Aller Plasma Orion Series accommodates your needs based on the size of the coverage area that is required—from 30 sim to 150 sqm. It keeps the air clean by providing continuous disinfection and odor control.

There are different technologies when it comes to purifying and sterilizing the air, and Aller uses innovative cold plasma technology to eliminate viruses such as Coronavirus, H1N1, and EV71, molds, bacteria, and odors in indoor spaces. This technology uses plasma ions to clear the air and minimise spread of infection by neutralizing bacteria, microbes, and viruses by breaking them down into molecular structures. This breakdown eliminates the virus before they land on surfaces or even when inhaled.

They’re also easy to install, just plug and turn it on. For more information on the Aller Plasma Orion Series, visit the website.

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