November 22, 2021

#WEBeauty: Take Thy Hand in Marriage — A guide on Hand and Nail Care for Brides

Let’s admit it. Weddings can be stressful. But it’s the happy kind of stress because you’re getting married! Yeah! Still, the whole process can get nerve-wracking to the point of intense nail biting–the kind that puts the jagged end of a saw to shame.  

On the other hand (excuse the pun), who really remembers to take care of their hands and nails when they have their hands full from wedding planning (must resist continuous punning)? Not a lot. Some can’t really even be bothered. And so this article shall be a reminder. Because although you’re content on looking all pretty and dandy in your white number, a close-up shot of your flaky hands and hangnails doesn’t exactly make for a beauty shot. We are here after all to help you get beautified from head to toe…to nails.  

Since the wedding industry has gone thru a lot of changes what with Prenups and Photobooths, more and more photos of you are posted online and printed. So trust us, there will be a lot of posing with your hands, holding the bouquet, showing your ring, etc. that will require a groomed set of hands at the minimum.  

So here are some tips for you to maintain beautiful hands and nails the day it will be held out to take thy ring in marriage: 

Cleanse. Wash your hands and clean your nails thoroughly. It is not only a primary need, it can also save you from diseases! 

Moisturize. Use lotion with Shea butter, Vitamin E and other ingredients that will help soften used and abused hands. Nowadays, there are products specific to hand and nail usage that will provide enough moisture without being too greasy. After all, you don’t want anything you grab slipping from your hands –like your future husband for example! Kidding!

Protect. Wear gloves or protective gels/creams when doing household chores like cleaning and washing dishes. Otherwise, it will strip off the moisture from your hand and nails.

Beautify. If you don’t want to go to a nail spa and have your own manicure set then by all means keep your nails groomed DIY style. When visiting salons though, make sure they sanitized all tools used. It is best to go early during opening hours so you’re sure their weapons of choice, i.e. nipper are clean. Do not be afraid to test different colors on your nails. Choose the one that will complement your skin tone on your big day. Please do not choose neon green unless this is your wedding pop of color and theme. 

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