November 23, 2021

#WERealWeddings: Ritz Azul gets married with beautiful sunset view

“Everyone, meet my husband, Allan Guwi,” actress Ritz Azul posted on November 20, Saturday. They got married that day at the hottest, or should we say, coolest place in the country—Alphaland Baguio Mountain Lodges.

She also revealed that she wasn’t planning on being his girlfriend. “From ‘bubustedin na’ to this. From ‘hindi mag-aasawa’ to this. From being ‘manhid’ to being so in love. Life is full of surprises,” she ends the post.

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And with every wedding, there are challenges and hurdles that, sometimes, can only be saved through prayers. “Perfect weather and perfect scenery on our wedding day. Thank God!” It rained in Benguet days before their wedding. It was even forecasted that it will rain on their wedding day. “So Allan and I (pati suppliers namin) prayed na kahit man lang sa oras ng ceremony huwag sana umulan. Pagdating ng Nov. 20, God gave us perfect weather and a beautiful sunset.” And what do you know, it became gloomy again after their wedding. “This is one of the reasons kaya extra ang happiness and gratefulness namin.”

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