December 28, 2021

#WERealWeddings Gihigugma Taka Johanna

Featuring Mon Guiller P. Principe and Johanna O. Tubo

I met “the one”, who is now my wife, 3 years ago in Jeddah, we’re both nurses in Saudi Arabia, she is working in another hospital I message her on Messenger, I said “hi” to her and I asked her to be my friend and that was the first time she said “yes”!

Who would have thought that we we’re strangers once and now I am married to my one and only mahal (love). But just like any other couple, our relationship was tested for so many times, but we always survived, because of one reason and that reason is God. We made God the center of our relationship, that’s why everything seemed so easy.

When the pandemic happened, that’s the time it dawned to me to propose. Should we get married? A lot of people in our reach have passed because of Covid-19, and I said to myself, I do not want the time to come that I would waste my life not having the family I dreamed of.  I prayed for it and God answered my prayers.

December 25, 2020 I asked Johanna to marry me. I gave her three choices: A. Yes, B. Yes, and C. Yes. So she doesn’t have any reason to say NO, and thank God, for the second time, she said yes! I gave her a diamond ring with two stones, which symbolized her, as my wife and the other one for our daughter. Like diamonds they both are precious to me.

After the proposal we both agreed to get married on September 25, 2021. We don’t want to be engaged too long so the following year we planned our wedding. Since the pandemic started, traveling and a lot of things were restricted. Two months before the wedding Johanna finished her contract and exited Saudi Arabia to finally plan our wedding.

Still a lot of unfortunate events occurred before the big day, I was tested positive for Covid 19 and had to endure quarantine when I landed the Philippines for 14 days. I didn’t believe I was positive since I didn’t have any symptoms. I only had a two-month vacation leave from work, so everyday was really precious to us. God really makes miracles, I got another swab test and I was negative. Yes, there were delays but everything after that was smooth as silk.

When we finally secured the church. We met with our wedding organizer, Geguiera’s Event by Enson Geguiera ans Markie Anthony Lastima, and we started to work on all the details towards the big day. We only had two weeks to prepare because of the pandemic but the delays were not even a reason to not push through with the wedding.

We wanted a very memorable wedding theme that would make our day sparkle and shine. For the main color, we chose gray, since we both liked it so much. It was just like our personalities, calm, understated but very bold. For our ninongs and ninangs, we chose and prefer a married couple not individual known persons but we decided that we need ninongs and ninangs that can inspire our married and guide us as husband and wife. We chose them because of their unique love story and they have been inspiring us as well.

When my wife was finally walking down the aisle, the wedding chorale was singing acapella, like a group of angels singing for the both of us. During that moment, everything stopped.. it was just Johanna and me, my wife.  It was the best 60 seconds of my life.

Since my family were not present at my wedding, our wedding organizer surprised us with video greetings from my family and friends, and it made our wedding day extra special. I wasn’t expecting it at all. It just proves that despite of the pandemic, love makes us move.

Meeting someone who can accept us for who we really are meant finding the one whom we can spend that “together” forever. We did not just find each other but actually realized what true love really means (at least for us). It is the kind of love that when all else could fails, they chose to stay. It is when all challenges seem unbearable, but they both still believe they can surpass every problem, because they have each other. It is when you see all the flaws, but doesn’t blind you at all. It is that “love” that keeps our relationship going, and to my wife, “Hi Mrs. Principe. I love you Babe. Gihigugma Taka Johanna”.

Mon and Johanna’s Dream Team: Church: Immaculate Conception Parish Church Jasaan, Misamis Oriental | Caterer and Venue: Sophie Red Hotel and Onshore Restaurant | Coordinator: Geguiera’s Event by Enson Geguiera ans Markie Anthony Lastima | Cake and dessert bar: Zee’s Pastries  | Event Stylist: Geguiera’s Event by Enson Geguiera and Markie Anthony Lastima | Photographer: Marlu Marquez, Marco Antonio Inandam, Shawn Michael Rey Villahermosa of Moments and Memories | Videographer: Red Cantilado Dumaguing of Ever After Dairies  | Gown designer: Geguiera’s Collection  | Suit designer: Geguiera’s Collection | Make up: Steff Geguiera of Makeup by Steff | Hair: Ken ken Emata | Wedding singer: Novem Lacanaria | Event Host: Mark Anthony Lastima

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