March 10, 2022

#WEFashion: Sam YG, Essa Santos in comfortable clogs for their prenup shoot

Radio DJ and host Sam YG is finally tying the knot with Essa Santos, and part of their wedding prep journey includes a prenup shoot with fantastic views here in our country.

Trekking far to get the best views, it can get pretty tiring to do this for the whole day. So how did this couple pull it off? With the help of comfy Crocs, they did! And here are a few snaps to show that, yes, this classic pair does work—in terms of style and function.

When asked how they’ve gotten this far, “Our love story is simple, honest, and real. Everything just fell into place at the right time. We both enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Though we share the same interests, we have different ways in getting things done and that’s why I honestly believe we make a great team.” He continues, “I love how we are both very passionate and hardworking individuals. We always strive for excellence in everything we do.”

As for their honeymoon, they hope to explore the world. “We are definitely planning to travel outside the country to a place we both haven’t seen yet,” reveals Sam. And a few pairs of Crocs will help them do just that as they step into new experiences as a married couple.

Photos by Pat Dy, Nelwin Uy, and Chissai Bautista

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