March 23, 2022

#WERealWeddings: Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles’ marriage proposal in the tropics

If you’ve been following Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles, they have been in Boracay for a few weeks now. The couple, along with their family in tow, have been hotel hopping.

Their current stop? Two Seasons Hotel where they stayed 17 years ago. Who would have thought that Troy had something planned for the couple—he proposed yesterday March 22, as they rode out to the ocean in a see-through polycarbonate kayak or boat.

“Eighteen year together, eight hours engaged. Here’s to road to forever,” he posted.

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A few hours after, Aubrey followed suit. Posting a closeup shot of the engagement ring. “Woke up to this forever happiness. I’ve always known it’s him.” Though they have been together for 18 years with three children, nothing beats getting engaged, and she affirms this, “I realized how exciting it is to get engaged and wearing a ring on my left hand.”

Instagram will load in the frontend.

It’s too beautiful not to share this. If you know how it went down? I said, ‘Thank you and yes’ LOL, pag kita ko sa ring Napa-thank you muna ako bago ‘yes'” she laughs.

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