April 7, 2022

#WEFashion: Before I Do

Prenup shoots have become a must for most soon-to-weds. Couples marrying these days inject personal touches in the details—colorful locations with a significance to their love story, costumes that reflect shared passions and interests, lively poses and action shots adding life to the photos and making the shoot an experience for the photographer as well.

Here are some prenup shoots WE thought would give you inspiration. Featured image by Niceprint Photography | Styling by Style Diaries

Photography by Niceprint Photography | Styling by Aeriel Garcia
Photography by Kevin Davis
Photography by Niceprint Photography | Creative Direction and Styling by Rabbithole Creatives
Photography by Kevin Davis

WE asked a few of the wedding and fashion industry’s equally talented stylists to share their bridal aesthetics and tips for the modern couple.  

Arkin Trick Rios

His Style: For bridal style aesthetics, I often get to know the couple’s personality first to match the styling on their styles. But most of the time, I prefer classic, elegant and minimalist.   

Him and the couple: I would have to say it’s a meeting of brilliant minds. It’s a collaborative effort between my style and their styles. We mix & match to produce the look we have sought for a specific theme. We shop online, and I also collect outfits from time to time since I do personal shopping.  

DIY Style Tip: Whatever available outfits from your cabinet, make use of them. Focus on your style, mix and match vintage looks with your new outfits, creating new ensembles. Make it fun and comfy.  


Styled by Arkin
Arkin Trick Rios

Arvin Aquino Dizon

His Style: As a prenup fashion stylist my personal fashion aesthetic is sustainable fashion, this fashion aesthetic is known on how to mix your personal wardrobe with high or low end wardrobe that can easily be found on your personal clothes to acquire some new items that reflect  their looks especially in this pandemic.

Him and the couple: Choosing the best pieces for my couple is to plan their dream concept that suits their personality to be dressed like a star in your wardrobe, adding a nice mixture of accessories from head to toe that will easily turn a basic outfit into one that looks exceptionally chic and well styled.

DIY Style Tip: My personal DIY style tip is to check their personal wardrobe that can help them to choose what is comfortable for their body type, style and to identify new outfits that reflect their desired style.

Styled by Arvin
Arvin Aquino Dizon

Rey Santos (The Wedding Stylist)

His Style: One of the qualities of a wedding-fashion stylist is to create a vision, a theme or a style according to the personality of the bride and the groom. This will allow our imagination to run wild and as a stylist we have more room to create pegs from romantic, alternative, modern, minimalist, rustic, bohemian, vintage, whimsical, garden, poolside, formal, traditional, art deco, nautical, eco-friendly, celestial, and destination, themes are endless and personally I couldn’t choose a favorite because I love everything and every theme is different to me as long as there are a variety of couples. 

Him and the couple: I choose clothes for the couple according to their unique style. I usually do an initial interview first and then make an assessment of their wedding theme, the venue and overall mood of the wedding. I just bring out the oomph and enhance their own style 

DIY Style Tip: We’re still in the pandemic and  I think a great fashion piece now are masks. I always suggest to my couples to personalize it. I also usually give them a personalized hand sanitizer since style and safety is my major thrust.

Styled by Rey Santos | Photography by Doc Marlon Pecjo
Rey Santos Jr. (The Wedding Stylist)

Janno Novenario 

His style: My bridal style aesthetic is quite eclectic. Ranges from the classic looks that are dainty and feminine to very modern with clean lines and tailored details. I also like adding fringe, appliques, embroidery, embellishment or even painting at times to amp up the final look for a bolder and edgier touch if need be. 

Him and the couple: When booked for prenup shoots, even if the couple already have a concept in mind, I have them answer a questionnaire and if permitted, meet up with them to get to know them better. For most, this is the first time they’ll be doing a photoshoot so I want the looks to be elevated to give them that celebrity-feel during the shoot but would still show off their personality (not very far from it). 

DIY Style Tip: It is quite a challenge for most couples when styling themselves on their own to put actual looks that will go together. My style tip is to focus on their own personal style, so as not to steer away from their personality and then choose a color palette that they like so that both their outfits would still compliment each other on frame. They can go with earth tones, pastels, jewel tones or muted numbers – whichever goes with their skin tone and location.

Styled by Janno
Janno Novenario | Photo courtesy of Village Pipol

As seen in Wedding Essentials Magazine Vol 18 Issue 1 | Available for download in Magzter and Press Reader

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