April 21, 2022

#WENewandNovel: These top-of-the-line massage chairs are a great wedding gift idea

After a long day of celebrating your wedding with your loved ones, or even after a month-long honeymoon, wouldn’t it be a great idea to come home to hardworking massage chair that can relax you from head to toe?

But more than just being a massage chair, Ogawa Master Drive AI (artificial intelligence) Black Genuine Leather has an AI personal assistant feature that can manage the user’s health needs. It can even learn about the user’s health profile, and navigate the best massage solutions to help keep the body in its best condition. It also has face recognition, health tracker and scanner, and AI powered automated analyst that can come up with the best relaxation experience.

We also can’t avoid getting out a sweat when we get a massage, and what makes their genuine leather extra special is that it’s made of sweat-free high-grade material. It’s also powered by three dedicated M.6 Gen Microprocessors for faster speed, higher accuracy, and better massage that can relieve the user from pain relief, improving circulation for a holistic therapy.

It also comes with Live Touch technology that configures life-like massages to keep your minds and hearts at ease with Covid-19 still lurking. Tiu Na and acupuncture focuses on treating chronic muscle pain and restoring health with Chinese chiropractic and spinal therapy features for better flexibility and overall health improvements.

There’s also the Ogawa Master Drive Plus 5 Elements special edition that is designed to strengthen vital parts of the human body and promotes blood circulation, too! Combining traditional Chinese medicine concepts with advanced 4D massage technology, it has five therapeutic massage programs that are based on the five elementals. Metal via its Tai Chi movements that boosts body balance and flexibility; water that is similar to chiropractic massage therapy that focuses on the spine and how it’s connected to the whole body; earth that mimics Qigong massage to help balance one’s breathing; wood that detoxifies the lymphatic system; and fire that takes out blockage via stretching and tapping methods.

Modern interior japandi style design livingroom. Lighting and sunny scandinavian apartment with plaster and wood. 3d render illustration.

We may take relaxation for granted, but it is one of the things that we should include in our daily routine. A wedding gift or purchasing an Ogawa for yourself may just help you in your healthy journey. To know more, visit this link.

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