June 15, 2022

#WENewAndNovel: BoxLife by Scavolini offers design and functionality in your home

Modularity Home was founded with pertinent emphasis on the concept of being modular, which the company was rightfully named after. The company focuses on modular living systems beginning with kitchens, the heart of the home. Since then, it has expanded into range hoods and bathrooms and living systems; elements that moves beyond the kitchen.

The company began with offering one of Italy’s finest kitchen brands, Scavolini. With more than 50 years of kitchen experience, Scavolini is one of Italy’s top kitchen cabinet manufacturers. Adapting to trends and tastes of consumers throughout the years, it has developed over 50 models in over 380 finishes to suit every personality, style and budget.

Continuously innovating and growing, Scavolini has also extended its expertise of cabinetry systems to the living, bathroom and wardrobe areas by offering cohesive and functional spaces for the home.

Scavolini offers a wide range of classic, modern and industrial materials and finishes to choose from so customers can customize and design their own space. Apart from its timeless and appealing aesthetic, Scavolini commits to making every home more enjoyable for the long haul as each model goes through intensive production quality testing to assure that cabinets are durable and hard-wearing.

Given that these times call for a lot of families to stay at home, there is this growing need for adjustments from cooking 24/7, working from home, to online schooling for the kids and even just discovering different activities to keep busy. And with this, the need for home improvements makes sure that each member of the family is able to enjoy and value staying at home.

Just recently, Scavolini launched the innovative BoxLife Collection created in partnership with International Design Studio, Rainlight, together with its creative director Yorgo Lykouria.

Coming from the desire to make sure that the entire house is properly furnished, BoxLife is a smart interior design concept that conceals endless functions to ensure utmost flexibility in the organization of space.

BoxLife was designed to accommodate the increasingly topical need for dynamic settings capable of adapting and hiding away depending on momentary requirements. An unprecedented comprehensive and modular system, ideal for those who are always on the go, or those who have limited square footage available, without compromising comfort.

The heart of the project lies in the idea of concealing to keep things neat and tidy: from large lofts to small studio flats, a single setting can be transformed into another through the coexistence of different spaces with linear, corner or U-shaped solutions where the undisputed starring role is played by the panelling.

Access to the different areas is granted by various opening systems, from retractable doors, to folding, sliding or bottom-hinged flap doors: from the cupboards with retractable doors (single or double) in the kitchen—which can house up to four appliances, an additional sliding worktop, as well as multiple shelves and storage drawers—to sliding systems for the living area, cabinets in the sleeping area, without forgetting the laundry area.

A significant new feature of the collection is the introduction of the Boxi Kitchen with a living room variant that joins the existing range of Scavolini kitchen models: a concentration of style and functionality that completes the exceptional furnishing solutions of BoxLife.

The sleeping area offers many different types of beds—double, single and bunk—and two types of openings—manual and motorized—to suit all needs. Furniture is also equipped with lighting systems inside the cabinets, capable of creating attractive domestic atmospheres, as well as a series of accessories for the wardrobe cabinet which make the available space all the more convenient.

The BoxLife handles and grips were devised to guarantee comfort and utmost stylistic continuity; recessed handles are fitted on the external panels, whereas the panels on the furnishings inside the cabinets can be opened with a handle profile at the top of the door.

Designed especially for the contract furnishing market, BoxLife accommodates both the desire for custom-made environments as well as the widespread requirement for designers to find standardized solutions to accommodate current lifestyles.

With today’s uncertain times, one thing is certain: Scavolini can adapt to any lifestyle or preference as we help make dream homes a reality.

Modularity Home provides online design and consultation services in addition to personalized and private showroom visits. Should you decide to come over, they can schedule an appointment to ensure that social distancing measures are followed, with thorough disinfection and sanitation procedures performed before and after each visit. The Scavolini Showrooms are located at Shops 9, 10 & 11 at the Peninsula Manila, Makati Avenue, Makati City and at the 4th Floor, SM Mega Fashion Hall, Building D, Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Feel free to send them a message at +63917 3126607, Visit their website www.modularityhome,com or Follow them on social: @modularityhome and @scavolinimanila. #WEAdvertorial

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