June 27, 2022

#WENewAndNovel: Bringing a touch of European craftsmanship and elegance to Filipino celebrations and homes

Over the past couple of years, Nathalie Küpfer Henares’ PORTORO Interior has made bringing a touch of European craftsmanship and elegance to Filipino homes its raison d’être. From its beautiful and functional collection of fruit-inspired plates and delicately embroidered table linens, to its latest offerings – the Sardinia Collection and the wonderfully whimsical accents offered last Christmas – PORTORO Interior has become one of the most prominent names in the local design scene when it comes to unique imports from Europe and other parts of the world.

But Küpfer Henares and her team are not resting on their laurels as they have diligently worked over the past several months to discover a new range of items to pique the interest of local homeowners. Today, their efforts have paid off thanks to a new collection that will bring a welcome pop of color and stylish practicality to the modern home.

Nathalie Küpfer Henares
Bohème Pitcher and glass set

Bohemian Glass: An exquisite expression of color and creativity

The beautifully dappled texture of Bohemian glass has long captured the imagination and fascination of both artists and those who appreciate beauty in all its forms. Now, PORTORO Interior brings you an entirely new expression of this age-old art through a collection that brings vivid color and whimsical mystique into each item.

Bohème Bowl Set

The Bohème Collection is an inspired selection of glassware crafted in Eastern Europe by glassblowers who have a long heritage of masterful craftsmanship and expertise.

The new collection consists of a set of standard drinking glasses, a pitcher one can use for chilled water and other refreshments, a set of small bowls for various dining and culinary purposes, and an elegant vase that would certainly serve as both a visual focal point and a conversation piece in a well-appointed home.

Bohème Vase

Creatively joyful, the Bohème Collection brings a vivid pop of color into your home and makes home entertaining a more enjoyable experience. Whether you use each of the sets on their own for everyday living or pair them with other pieces in the collection for a celebration with friends and family, this collection is certainly a must-have.

The Bohème Collection is available online through the official PORTORO Interior website at #WEadvertorial

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