July 6, 2022

#WERealWeddings: Bride drops umbrella to get married under the rain

One can imagine the overwhelming emotions the newlyweds went through when they got married under the rain. Their wedding coordinator team, HIP Events, was so touched to witness this magical moment that they shared the video by Define Happiness in their TikTok account. And it went viral, going over 500,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Set in Frangeli House in Baguio last June 18, 2022, it started to pour that day. Everyone was praying that it would stop, but it rained even harder by 3pm—the time they were set to get married. “We were just waiting for it to stop but it wouldn’t. I felt a little disappointed just waiting for someone to finally say that it has to be moved. I knew it would come to that. But everything changed when Kenn insisted to meet me there in the garden. Just us. Just for a moment. I was so happy that somehow, this person that I was going to marry, knew my heart. What I wanted without us ever talking about it. No rain could stop that. That’s when I understood What love was. That’s why it rained. To teach us that love knows no boundaries,” Nysa tells Wedding Essentials.

Kenn is also blessed with true friends, his best men Van and Carlos, reassured him that they will stand with him under the rain. “Kinakabahan na naiiyak na masaya. Nothing else mattered kahit ulan pa yan basta hihintayin ko siya dito. Kahit dalawa lang kami at walang audience o guests o photographers, kasi baka masira pa yung camera nila. Nung nakita ko na siya sobrang saya lang talaga.”

So when Nysa started walking, with an umbrella to keep her from getting wet, “I felt so emotional the moment I saw Kenn down the aisle, soaking wet. I thought, nababasa siya sa ulan, bakit ako nakapayong. Hence, the dramatic drop the payong.”

The newlyweds agree, “Para kaming mga bata na pinipilit yung gusto. Pero happy kami na pinagbigyan kasi it felt more real and meaningful and it was enough.”

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Suppliers such as HIP Events supported their decision. The Coordinator Rhia Darang shares, “Everybody was ready, photo & video armed with just trashbags to cover their equipment, coordinators cueing the bridal car and guests watching from a tent. Time stopped when Nysa started walking, everyone was crying. We were all soaking wet but no one was bothered about it, the moment was so precious.”

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