July 13, 2022

#WENewandNovel: Jacob’s Creek Cherry Red is the newest drink

Not everyone loves red wine, but Jacob’s Creek’s latest drink is a must-try. One of Australia’s best wines, Jacob’s Creek, recently launched Cherry Red. It’s ideal for beginner and casual drinkers that can also be served for your guests on your big day.

It’s a light-bodied red wine that’s full of flavor. It’s made sweet and easy to drink, with a taste of ripe black and red berries, touch of oak toast aroma, ending with a juicy plum round finish.

“Jacob’s Creek, Australia’s number one bottled wine brand, has something for everybody even if you’re not a seasoned wine drinker. Cherry Red is breaking away from red wine expectations: it is Semi-Sweet, approachable, playful & it does not follow the codes of red wine. We believe it is a wonderful starter wine that fits well with Filipinos’ discerning taste” said Jacob’s Creek Brand Executive Kurt Ducusin.

Jacob’s Creek Wine Ambassador Billy Brighma was present at the intimate media launch to educate the guests on the rich history of their vineyard in Australia, as well as how casual wine pairing can be, even with pizza! Just goes to show that Jacob’s Creek can be paired with just about anything and for any occasion.

Jacob’s Creek Cherry Red is priced starting at P500. For more details, follow them on Facebook.

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