January 31, 2023

#WERealWeddings: This Gal is In Love With You (Mare)


Love truly knows no gender. Eleven years ago, I worked as a Senior Hairdresser in a salon. As a proud member of LGBTQIA+, I am fond of joining beauty pageants that helped me sustain the daily needs of my family as I stand as the breadwinner. One day, my co- hairdresser’s client went to the salon for hair service and wanted to have a hair rebond. That’s how I met Mae (Bride), and the beginning of our bewildering love story.

As we don’t know each other, just like an ordinary day in a salon, we cater to whoever clients visit the store. Thus, it seems like the universe is really looking for ways for us to meet again. A week after, we met again, and Mae requested to have her sister’s hair done. I could still vividly reminiscence the words coming from Mae’s mouth that echo in my heart. “Gwapahan ko sa imoha (I find you beautiful).”. I was shocked to hear those sweet words. Mae had been my regular client in the salon since then.

It was no smooth sailing for me, along the way, we developed a client and customer relationship. Hence, I was perplexed about my feelings toward Mae. Since I am gay, I had no idea how to court a girl. Not to mention that I had long hair and was a crossdresser.  But indeed, love moves in mysterious ways. I fell in love with her, and so did Mae.

It was a mix of emotions for me. In this world filled with discrimination, I was so afraid and doubtful about my true feelings for Mae. Aside from societal judgment, I was also skeptical that Mae’s family would not accept me as gay. Year after the confession, with divine guidance and grace, Mae and I were blessed and were accepted by their families. I knew that Mae was a gift from heaven, she truly is. To date, for more than 10 years together, we have been a happy family with lovely daughters, not one, not two but three adorable girls.

It has always been our dream to seal our commitment to God. After more than 10 years of leaping the hurdles and trails as a couple, we had finally tied the knot. And last January 22, the most anticipated wedding has finally fulfilled. With the right people, we found a creative team that helped us realize our dream wedding. The big day was held in an inviting atmosphere of Basilio’s Events Place with a contemporary garden theme, embellished with vast greenery and classy decors Fritzified by the hands of Fritz Gerald. The camera click and flash of the lenses was under the coverage of Brian James Cainglet capturing the ecstatic emotions of everyone who joined us. More so, we looked dashing and dapper wearing the elegant gown and suit from the Clothing Palette. Kofe Badi and Señoritos Mobile Bar also added fun and entertainment for our guests’ ultimate wedding experience. Our significant day was coordinated by the vibrant Arkin Rios of Infinity Weddings and Events who fervently made everything very smooth.

Finally, we are a happy family, ready to take on new challenges in life as legal partners. After so many trials, the stars had aligned and proven to the world that love knows no gender. 

Kim and Mae’s DREAM TEAM: Ceremony: Basilio’s Events Place, Tagum City | Caterer: Basilio’s Events Place Tagum City | Coordinator: Arkin Rios of Infinity Weddings | Event Stylist: Fritz Gerald of Fritzified | Photographer: Brian James Cainglet | Videographer: Brian James Cainglet | Gown designer: Clothing Palette | Suit designer: Clothing Palette | HMUA: Alvin Dy | Host: Pau Geraldo | Carts: Kofe Badi & Señoritos | Staff: Marga Lee, Bjorn Quinto, Mark Jonard , Jessie Varquez

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