March 13, 2023

#WEBeauty: When should brides avail of SofWave?

With over 20 clinics in less than one year, Sofwave™ has been making waves in the Philippines for many reasons. For one, this non-invasive treatment has two US FDA clearances for lifting and tightening. It also uses the next generation of ultrasound technology to activate collagen stimulation, and even comes with a built-in cooling and soothing feature that’s named SofCool™ that makes the treatment comfortable. 

Second, downtime post-treatment is very minimal with redness and swellness that will last less than a day. It also only takes 30 to 45 minutes for the whole face, so that you can even do it during lunch breaks. 

Lastly, Wedding Essentials asked California dermatologist Dr. Arisa Ortiz when should brides avail of this treatment? I would say at least a month before your event. Sometimes you take some immediate tightening, but collagen remodelling takes time. So I would say that you do it three months before, or at least one month before, because the full results, you would see in six months.” 

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