April 22, 2023

#WEBeauty: Ultherapy celebrates confidence, launches Ellen Adarna ‘No Bad Takes’ campaign

In their recent #NoBadTakes campaign launch held at Blackbird last April 19, 2023, Ultherapy® introduces actress, entrepreneur, mother, wife, and self-love advocate Ellen Adarna as their new brand ambassador. Top beauty and lifestyle editors, TV and social media personalities, and other local media outlets were spotted in the intimate dinner as the brand unveiled their latest initiative that aims to champion confidence and self-positivity.

Ellen Adarna is “unapologetically confident
The actress’ unique and fierce brand of confidence has always been a breath of fresh air in her industry. Alongside her tenacity, candid demeanor, humor and boldness, she has also been vocal about the pressure of conforming to beauty standards and how challenging it is to live up to people’s expectations especially when you live in the spotlight. “Living my truth and being comfortable with my own skin helped me develop a strong sense of self-worth. Because of this, I am able to welcome the changes in my life with open arms including motherhood,” shares Ellen. This journey of discovering and bringing out your most beautiful self, even at your most raw and vulnerable, has always been Ultherapy’s core mission. “We could not be any happier to have Ellen in our growing Ultherapy family. The brand shares the same value of letting your authentic and natural self, shine through. We want to go beyond ‘skin goals’ and get people to rethink their idea of ‘perfection,” says Jorge Libanan, Merz Aesthetics general manager. “Don’t ever apologize for being yourself. Remember, no bad takes!” Ellen adds.

Cutting-edge beauty without going under the knife
During the event, Ultherapy also deep dived into the #NoBadTakes campaign and talked about achieving your best self without the need for invasive treatments. As the only US-FDA cleared non-invasive procedure with real-time visualization, Ultherapy takes pride in enabling health care practitioners to achieve precision in treatment with prominent results. Through innovative technology and techniques like the See-Plan-Treat protocol, Ultherapy allows doctors to see deep into the layers of the skin to ensure that the ultrasound energy is safely delivered where it will be most beneficial. It is done with safety and precision, unique only to Ultherapy®’s micro focused ultrasound with visualization (MFU-V). “Every skin is different, and it is important for us to know the right treatment plan for each patient. We are also here to support their needs at their different life stages—whether they are in their mid-20s looking to start their skin journey to prevent future lines or are well into mid-life wanting to restore their skin elasticity,” shares Jorge Libanan, Merz Aesthetics® General Manager.

“Our goal is simple and that is to provide a gold standard for our clients and empower them with a sense of confidence that extends beyond outer beauty. Ultherapy has over 2M treatments worldwide, and the exceptional results are seen with a 95% patient satisfaction rating a year after treatment. This truly sets the bar for the gold standard.” Libanan continues. “No Bad Takes means embracing your authentic and unique self, and non-invasive treatments like Ultherapy can support you in this self-love movement,” Ellen adds.

The event ended at a high note as the Merz Aesthetics® and Ultherapy’s brand executives, together with Ellen Adarna, engaged in positive conversations that seek to further our notion of beauty and everything that comes with it.

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