April 25, 2023

Bespoke children’s wear for your adorable entourage

When it comes to nurturing an appreciation for art, it’s never too early to start. Likewise, parents can cultivate their kids’ sense of style from an early age. This belief is at the core of Vares Jeune’s brand philosophy. 

“Vares Jeune is bespoke luxury. It is a reflection of the child’s parents’ taste that would prompt him or her to wear the label. I advocate fashion that is beautiful and durable, a stark contrast to today’s ‘fast fashion,’” explains Robbie Santos, founder and chief designer of the brand. “I love seeing kids in wonderful outfits, whether dressy or casual, while at the same time being their usual precocious selves.”

Santos’ little clients come to him for all kinds of special occasions—whenever they’re celebrating their birthdays or going to parties. Most notably, his brand is approached for exquisitely made flower girl dresses and bearer looks. Fashion is self-expression, and Santos takes his junior clients’ wishes as seriously as he would for any adult client. 

“Because we are custom-made-to-order, we make anything to the child and their parents’ delight,” Santos says. “For the child who wishes to have unique and special clothes, we are the brand who can help them achieve that.”

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