May 31, 2023

Start your blissful life together with jewelry pieces that last more than a lifetime

Love’s many various forms can definitely be represented in the color green—in a Tessera green box. 

As green also represents life itself, and a promise of new beginnings, this can be extended to romantic love. Placing that diamond ring on your partner’s finger is one of life’s most important milestones and Tessera has been there for their clients to make sure that this moment is as memorable and as special as it can be with their beautiful and unique engagement rings. 

For married couples celebrating their anniversaries, they can harness the power of green as it also conveys harmony, endurance and tranquility. 

Tessera founders Carl and Papat Fider beam with pride for being part of people’s most intimate celebrations. And that is why  their commitment to delivering unparalleled authenticity and elegance to people’s lives through their jewelry pieces will be as strong and as everlasting as their diamond pieces. 

“We, at Tessera, understand that love comes in many shapes and sizes and we are truly honored that people are choosing to express their love through our green box,” Carl added. Visit Tessera’s showrooms in Rockwell, Makati and The Arton Strip, Katipunan to browse their catalog and choose your next heirloom piece.

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