June 7, 2023

LOOK: These ladies wore their wedding gowns again

This bride shared her sweet and fun experience on Instagram, referring to it as their annual tradition. According to Alexis Houston, they opted to flex their favorite wedding gowns for the second time for their monthly dinner and dessert.

“We decided that the most expensive dresses we owned deserved to be worn for more than just one day in our lives. We’ve decided to make this a yearly tradition. We met together before the dinner to tape each other into our dresses,” she started the post with the hashtag #mombodsquad

She added that they received much praise for their idea with the reel going viral. “Well, we were recorded on phones, were complimented, asked what the occasion was, and asked to be taken a photo with. I can’t say we didn’t enjoy the attention,” she laughs. 

Thanks to Alex’s brilliant idea, brides might just consider following her—because it’s such a waste to wear your wedding gown just once. Don’t you agree? Alexis adds, “100/10 recommend doing this! Absolutely so fun!”

Written by Alex Salva Quiño

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