June 23, 2023

Food is this chef’s language of love

Words Kitten Zapata | Photography T E R O

Food has always been one of the major catalyst for lively conversations, shared laughs, and even impromptu dance parties. In any wedding or event, what we eat is at utmost importance.

At the heart of the East of Manila, Antipolo City has been one of the cities known for its churches, arts and culture, and amazing food.

In one of my trips to Antipolo, I met one of the most amazing women in my lifetime, Chef Joy Madriaga of Madriaga’s Catering. Her eyes were beaming with excitement and passion that spoke of her love for her craft, a love that had taken her from humble beginnings to the very top of her profession.

The Madriaga ladies: Chef Sophia, Chef Joy and Bianca | Photography by Joseph Gatz for Wedding Essentials Magazine
Madriaga’s Catering Dream Team

But despite her many achievements, she remains humble and down-to-earth. She was always eager to learn from others and offered her knowledge to those who want to learn the art of making food and the business of catering. She believed that food was a universal language that brought people together and it was her responsibility as a chef to use her talents to spread joy and happiness wherever she went.

Now, Madriaga’s Catering is one of Antipolo’s pride when it comes to food service and delectable dishes.

Recently, Madriaga’s Catering launched their new and spankin’ HQ (headquarters). Taking up a modern design that appeals to the young Filipino couples, the new HQ boasts of functional areas conducive for food-tasting and culinary explorations. Another new in the company is the launch of their very young Executive Chef, Sophia Madriaga. She graduated and took internship in a Michelin-restaurant based in Spain in 2020. To date, Chef Sophia leads a team of talented and hard working sous chefs and kitchen staff, ready to whip up your wedding feast.

With a very capable marketing team, led by Chef Joy’s daughter as well, Bianca Madriaga, their family’s legacy will continue on to leave gastronomically wonderful memories in any occasion.

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