June 28, 2023

Filipino couple and their ‘Crazy Rich Asians’- themed wedding

Choosing a wedding theme is critical, it sets the tone and mood of the event and helps couples bring their vision to life. Couples can also be creative and come up with their own unique themes. 

Recently, this Filipino couple took inspiration from the “Crazy Rich Asians” movie to create a unique wedding theme that went viral on TikTok. This unconventional choice made their wedding even more unforgettable, inspiring many to choose a wedding theme that represents their personality.

Mary Golez, the bride’s younger sister, shared pictures and video of the lavish wedding held at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore—which online users kept talking about. 

Mary also told Wedding Essentials, “It took them (the couple) eight long months to plan the wedding with the help of wedding planners from Singapore Rosette Designs,” she said.

The viral TikTok video showcases a red carpet and art deco background for guests to take photos at the entrance. Guests then walk down an aisle lined with colorful flowers to enter the venue. She also mentioned that the decor’s vibrant color scheme of red, orange, and purple was inspired by Crazy Rich Asians.

One user wrote, “Want my wedding to be like this,” while another one left a comment, “I want to have my wedding in Singapore, exactly in Gardens by the Bay.”

The video also features guests enjoying a candlelit dinner amid the glowing supertrees, live entertainment such as lion dance and , and a live painter capturing the wedding on canvas.

According to Mary,  around 150 attendees traveled from Australia, the Philippines, and the United States to be present at the momentous occasion. She added that the wedding cost an estimated “eight figures in Philippine peso.”

As of the moment, Mary’s wedding video has garnered over 850,000 views and 129,000 likes. Many TikTok users admired the extravagant ceremony, with some referring to it as their ideal wedding.

Couple’s Love Story
Mary revealed that Abbie Caram, 31 years old and an American citizen from Orange County, has been dating her sister JM Tiongco, 26 year sold and a Filipino from Iloilo City, Philippines, for five years.

The couple were schoolmates during their college days. They developed their feelings for each other after partying with their friends and having sweet conversations after graduation. 

Mary shared that “Abbie’s family has a company in the US. JM is part of the board of directors of a certain bank, with both the bride and groom are into real estate.” She added that the couple got engaged in the City of Love which is in Paris last, August 24, 2022, by the Eiffel Tower.

Mary also added that her sister JM and Abbie wanted their honeymoon in a beautiful place and lovely scenery, as JM wanted a more colorful area.

The couple also advises other couples to enjoy their journey of planning a wedding and should invest in what makes them happy. “Enjoy the journey of planning your wedding. Just chill and have fun!” the couple shares.

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