July 19, 2023

Sweet! How Dominic Roque proposed to Bea Alonzo

It happened last July 18, 2023 at Las Casas, when the sun was about to set.

“I was there for a shoot, but little did I know that the next thing that would happen would change our lives forever,“ she started her Instagram post

Bea continued to share how it happened, “In the middle of the shoot, Mark Nicdao kept telling me to turn around because he wanted to shoot the back side of my dress, I found it a bit odd, but when I turned around, I found Dom kneeling with a box in his hand.”

“You see, I have done so many proposal scenes in my entire career, but nothing beats the real thing. I have been doing it all wrong! Hahaha, Dom said his speech, and it’s like time stood still. Everything went in slow motion. And I felt different emotions all at the same time—joy, excitement, love. I started bawling (swipe to see my ugly cry), but I didn’t want that moment to end. I want this real thing to happen forever… and right then there… In front of the people we love… we decided on forever.”

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