August 1, 2023

Embracing Nature’s Elegance

Words Kitten Zapata | Photography Ayan Azurin for Metrophoto | Event Styling MC Pascual | Stationery The Write Impression | Venue and Food Crimson Hotel Alabang | Cake Audrey’s Pastries | Chairs and Chandeliers Bella Banquets | Dinnerware and cutlery Shop Rent Gala | Special thanks to Ronie Marie Reyes of Crimson Hotel Alabang

When it comes to creating an elegant wedding color palette, few combinations can surpass the enchanting blend of verdant green, rich gold, and pure white hues. This delightful mix effortlessly captures elegance, glamour, and the inherent beauty of nature, making it an exquisite choice for couples seeking a timeless celebration.

As you enter the Grand Ballroom of Crimson Hotel Alabang you’ll be greeted by an awe-inspiring sight: an arch adorned with luxuriant greenery garlands and delicate white pearl roses. This classic and timeless backdrop evokes a deep appreciation for nature, appealing to couples with a love for gardens and all things beautiful.

A Harmonious Blend of Earthly Connection and Fresh Vibes
Adding an extra touch of nature’s charm to the botanical scenery was the talented MC Pascual. Using garlands, Pascual expertly connected the setting to the earth, infusing the atmosphere with a fresh and invigorating vibe that symbolizes new beginnings. The addition of gold metal chandeliers and wooden chairs by Bella Banquets brought forth an element of glamour and luxury. Complementing the green and gold tones, the pastel brown tablecloth and pristine white roses provided a clean and crisp canvas, allowing the colors to shine in all their splendor.

“This setup was the perfect place to bring this mystical Italian inspired wedding to life. The architecture of the venue complimented the lush greenery with an assortment of white flowers. The overall vibe, you would think you were looking at a modern wedding day in the wine country of Tuscany. Beautiful white tulips embellished the reception, resembling the sweethearts’ unity, purity, and love for one another”, shares Pascual.

MC Pascual

Gold-lined white plates by Shop Rent Gala exuded sophistication, perfectly harmonizing with the bouquets of roses adorning each table. The ambiance was further elevated by vintage candle holders, housing white candles that cast a gentle glow, adding warmth and intimacy to the surroundings.

Invitations with a Personal Touch
No detail was overlooked, down to the carefully crafted pastel green wedding invitations, menu, and name cards. Designed by the talented Ghia Pastoral of The Write Impression, these handcrafted stationery added to the charm of the setup.

A Gastronomic Delight
In line with the aesthetic of this spring-chic vibe, the culinary experience offered a delightful fusion of mouthwatering and aromatic delights especially made by Crimson Alabang’s Executive Chef Paul Cruz.

Chef Paul Cruz

Staring off with Terrine of Ratatouille, a mixture of cold broth, olive dust and crispy fungus. Followed by Caprese salad and Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Soft Roll. For the main course, Chef Paul prepared a 24-hour braised US Cab Beef Cheeks in red wine jus with steamed Jasmine Rice. For a sweet ending, Chef prepared a classic Strawberry Tart.

A Sweet Finale
For the grand finale, a wedding cake that embodies romance and whimsy. Picture a cloud-like white
confection adorned with delicate white and pink rose petals on each layer, created by the talented
Paola Pascua of Audrey’s Pastries.

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