August 14, 2023

Captivating Couture: RAU captures timeless elegance with a modern twist in groom’s wear

A notable brand in the wedding industry for over seven years, RAU (Ryan Ablaza-Uson) still proves to be one of the best young designers in the country. His mastery of tailoring, coupled with his distinctive origami-inspired precision, has cast him as a luminary among contemporary, trendsetting brides.

Rau Ablaza-Uson

But RAU’s creative prowess doesn’t halt at bridal couture alone. His dashing suits, boasting impeccable lines and sleek masculine silhouettes, have become the go-to choice for discerning grooms and their entourages.

Recently, he unveiled his latest men’s collection, a symphony of inspiration drawn from the opulence of the Great Gatsby and the suave charisma of Kingsman films.

“It’s a tribute to the enduring charm of these cinematic styles,” RAU reflects. “I’m drawn to how they seamlessly fuse the timeless, refined essence of suits with daring infusions of color and texture. A delicate equilibrium where elegance and individuality harmonize. It’s paramount that comfort aligns with aesthetics – that’s my constant pursuit. Clothes, especially suits, should unfailingly bolster one’s confidence.”

When queried about the quintessential Ryan Ablaza-Uson groom, he shares, “They’re adventurers at heart, embracing sartorial journeys beyond the familiar, all while preserving the essence of sharp sophistication inherent to donning a suit.”

For inquiries you may reach RAU at or explore their gallery on Instagram via #WEGrooms #WEFashion

Dream Team: WORDS Kitten Zapata | VIDEOGRAPHER & EDITOR Gene Francis Sayson | PHOTOGRAPHER MJ Feliciano | CREATIVE DIRECTION January Abad Saga | GROOMING Daniel Forro | BEAUTY ASSOCIATE Vivian Ogalinola Studio by Studio MNL | FASHION STYLING Vhee Co | MODELS by PMAP Daniel James, Kai Suzon, Austin Cabatana | DESIGNER “RAU” Ryan Ablaza Uson

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