August 15, 2023

LOOK: Zooey Deschanel just got engaged to Jonathan Scott

By Alex Salva Quiño

Zooey Deschanel, known for her role in the popular TV show “New Girl,” recently took to Instagram to announce her engagement to Jonathan Scott, one of the stars of Property Brothers. 

The American actress shared the exciting news along with a photo of herself happily displaying her hand adorned with a dazzling multi-diamond engagement ring, alongside Scott. 

The couple, who have been dating for four years, are set to embark on their journey to forever together. 

“Forever starts now,” the actress wrote on her Instagram post.

According to reports, the proposal took place during a family trip to Scotland, with Deschanel’s children, Elsie and Charlie, playing a part in the heartfelt moment. 

Following the announcement, the couple received an overwhelming amount of well wishes and congratulations from their fans and friends.

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