September 11, 2023

Lovi Poe, Monty Blencowe’s enchanting wedding destination is over 350 years old

As Lovi Poe gracefully walked the aisle to embark on a lifelong journey with Monty Blencowe, onlookers were mesmerized by her exquisite Victorian-inspired bridal gown by Patricia Santos, her radiant appearance, the melodious Filipino song serenading the ceremony, and above all, the enchanting setting of Cliveden House in Taplow, England. 

So what’s special about this iconic and award-winning hotel? Here are five things to know about their chosen location.

The majestic garden
Serving a panoramic view and display of florals is the 376-acre magnificent gardens and woodlands, where actress Lovi shot some of her wedding videos.

47 spacious suites and a spa
Live like royalty in junior and deluxe suites at Cliveden House’s iconic hotel. Lovi’s preparation before the wedding ceremony happened in one of 47 spacious suites with majestic and regal interiors. And it comes with spa offerings, too! Rooms including the Spring Cottage, rates at £444 (P31,000) to £2,250 (P160,000) depending on the type of the room or suite and its availability.

Cliveden’s dining rooms 
One of Cliveden’s dining rooms was chosen as the venue for Lovi’s wedding reception. This renowned hotel is home to four distinct dining rooms, namely the Cellar (12 seated and 12 standing), Tote (6 seated and 15 standing), French (60 seated at banquet tables, 30 seated at one table, and 100 standing) dining room, and Boudoir (14 seated one table, 24 seated at banquet tables, and 40 standing). Each dining room has its capacity limitations when it comes to accommodating guests and depends on its availability. 

The Spring Cottage
Lovi’s pre-wedding photo showcases a charming scene with a river flowing in the backdrop. This picturesque location can be found at Cliveden’s River Thames, specifically at Spring Cottage where a lovely small lake adds to the beauty. 

Outdoor and indoor pools
Cliveden offers both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, providing a wonderful opportunity for wedding guests, family, and friends to relax and bond. One of their notable pools is the Profumo pool named after the renowned British politician John Profumo.

Based on its official website, Cliveden House was bestowed upon his mistress by the 2nd Duke of Buckingham George Villiers. It was constructed in 1666, making it over 350 years old.

To know more about its services, packages, and offers, visit this link

All photos from Cliveden House’s official website and Instagram

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