September 15, 2023

Fun and unique: Sari-sari store-inspired wedding reception

Love knows no boundaries. And for Angelica (Lec) and Robin San Felipe, their love story transcended distance and brought them together in the beautiful country of California. As they embarked on their journey towards forever, they decided to infuse their wedding with the rich culture and traditions of their Filipino heritage.

Wedding Essentials delves into their unique love story and the challenges and triumphs they experienced while planning their Filipino-themed wedding.

Their love story
Robin and Lec’s paths first crossed during their college days at Ateneo, where they both participated in Ateneo Lex, an organization close to their hearts. Little did they know that fate would bring them together years later in the United States. Lec moved to Los Angeles in 2012, while Robin settled in San Francisco in 2013. After reconnecting, their friendship blossomed into a beautiful romance, leading them to embark on their journey towards a lifelong commitment.

Their wedding theme
Robin and Angelica chose a wedding theme that celebrated their Filipino roots and cherished memories from their time in the Philippines. Every detail was carefully curated to reflect their unique story, from childhood trips to the sari-sari store to college milestones with local beverages.

“Growing up, we’d buy our favorite snacks from the sari-sari store. During college, we’d celebrate finishing our long exams by drinking Red Horse and/or San Miguel. We also wanted to show our heritage to our non-Filipino friends. It was great seeing them enjoy the food, the drinks, the desserts, and the culture we have,” the couple told Wedding Essentials.

Planning a Filipino-themed wedding did come with its fair share of challenges. Robin and Lec faced the task of finding a sari-sari store, a small convenience store commonly found in the Philippines. Fortunately, with the help of friends, they discovered a friend who had started their own business and eagerly embraced the idea. This added an authentic touch of nostalgia to their wedding.

“One of the challenges was where to find a sari-sari store, and gladly one of our friends started a new business. They were so nice to accommodate and loved the idea of the sari-sari store and made it come to life,” the couple shared.

The Filipino-themed wedding received overwhelmingly positive reactions from guests, who were reminded of their own cherished memories in the Philippines. The sari-sari store, filled with familiar snacks and treats, became a nostalgic centerpiece that evoked a sense of home. Beyond the delicious food, the intimate and warm atmosphere of the wedding left a lasting impression on loved ones.

With approximately 80 guests in attendance, Robin and Angelica achieved the perfect balance between intimacy and celebration. 

Their wedding planning tips
Robin and Angelica offer valuable advice to couples planning their own wedding.
1. Communicate and collaborate on expectations for the wedding.
2. Budget and save ahead of time.
3. Focus on what you can control and don’t stress over minor details.
4. Don’t let negative opinions affect your decisions.
5. Surround yourself with supportive people.
6. Enjoy the planning process and the wedding day.
7. Find a partner who enjoys planning and organizing events.

The couple wed at the Chapel on the Hill in Los Gatos, California, USA on May 28.
Photos by Erwin Portilla of San Francisco Wedding Photographer.

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