October 18, 2023

Sparkling ear candies (and more) for your big day

Aside from finalizing your wedding look when it comes to the gown, makeup, hairstyle, and shoes, choosing what jewelry to wear also matters. It’s a make or break deal. 

Now, with more and more women wearing multiple ear piercings, it can get tricky to make it more elegant and sophisticated. 

“Brides would ask us to curate for them a ‘wedding ear curation look,’ since they want to highlight their multiple piercings in an elegant and more refined way that’s perfect for their wedding day,” shares Auric and Ice Co-founder Maxine Co. 

Co-founder Natasha Rodriguez adds that they help by giving options for brides-to-be, “We provide this ear curation service for free. We try to match our recommendations with the pieces that they already currently have for a more cohesive look and overall feel.”

When asked what earrings they suggest brides pick, “For brides, we recommend the pear dangler, triad, tiara, and cluster flat back design. For entourage, we recommend the half eternity hoops, pearl tandem, and the bloom.”

Auric and Ice is known for their flatback designs with longer screws. “Some of our clients have commended the design aspect of our pieces for everyday use. The screws are long and secure, making it very hard to lose your investment pieces,” explains Natasha. 

Maxine chimes in, sharing that they are also known for their quality diamonds, “The industry in which we operate is heavily saturated with so many options left and right. Our clients usually come back to us after their purchase to give us feedback with regards to the color and clarity of our diamonds when comparing them to the pieces they previously purchased elsewhere— saying that our quality has exceeded their expectations.”

The two ladies also shared some tips for ladies who have multiple ear piercings, “Go for all studs or try to mix and match studs and hoops/dangling pieces for a more interesting look with dimension.”

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