October 26, 2023

Elevate your bridal glow with Kristine Dee Jewellery

Kristine Dee Jewellery recently launched “Beauty in Asymmetry,” where she took inspiration from unexpected objects, such as the paperclip, and made them into gorgeous wearable art pieces. “This collection is a play on asymmetries using everyday objects,” says Kristine Dee. 

“Notice that the stones and details are not symmetrical. Though when arranged in a certain way, such as how we did, the medley comes out beautiful, harmonious, and truly like no other. Hence, the name, Beauty in Asymmetry,” Kristine further expounds, showcasing her background Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, a master’s degree she took in New York.

Aside from the usual diamonds, Kristine offers a plethora of colorful gemstones in her latest collection. And for those who are getting married, why not “wear something blue” in the form of jewelry? Here are some of our picks. 

Stacking bangles can also be an interesting option, and the joaillier makes it easier for her clientele by offering it in sets of three—in white gold, in yellow gold, rose gold, and in a set of white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. 

And if you’re looking for wedding gifts, the “Enchanted Book of Zodiacs” collection is a thoughtful present to give. They come in pink or black mother of pearl, malachite, lapis lazuli, and turquoise; with the option to have a few words engraved inside. Family members, godparents, entourage, and just about anyone will appreciate these pendants. 

For more information on this bespoke jewelry brand, visit Kristine Dee Jewellery on Instagram.

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