November 21, 2023

Marie Lozano and her nautical bridal shower

Every bride aspires to create an extraordinary and unforgettable pre-wedding celebration, knowing that it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Take, for instance, TV personality and soon-to-be bride Marie Lozano, who had a stunning bachelorette party on a cruise.

Recently, a series of captivating photos, shared on Instagram by Niceprintphoto on Nov. 16, 2023, showcased Marie’s exquisite appearance. She looked absolutely stunning in a white sleeveless mini silk dress adorned with beads and sequins, completed by a beaded sailor’s cap and a veil.

She looks beautiful in her dazzling clear-chiffon trousers and white tube top.

In a video shared by Princess Consing, Marie and her friends, including Margaret Andaman, Shauna Jay Popple, Jan Andre Naval, and others, can be seen having a great time engaging in a fun activity while enjoying the refreshing air and beautiful serene of the water.

The lifestyle journalist and her long-time partner, Aaron Gekoshi, got engaged last year at a breathtaking location in Zimbabwe.

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