Wedding Essentials

Beauty for the February Bride

It’s the most romantic month of the year and being a February Bride might just be the best excuse to pile on the pinks, peaches, and golden shimmer.  1. Rose-tinted by Jelly Eugenio A doll-pink blush paired with a matte strawberry-tinted lippie makes for an extraordinarily blushing bride. Flushed and tinted realness 💋 […]

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The Search for the Perfect Bridal Flats Are Over

Let’s be honest, a whole day wearing heels is something only the ultimate fashion girls have mastered. Some of them even revealed that they carry foldable flats in their bags. For the rest of us, wearing heels for long periods of time can be excruciating. Imagine doing that and wearing […]

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Holiday Bouquet Ideas for Festive Weddings

Christmas season is more than just lights and trees and kisses under the mistletoe. We know that for a lot of women, it’s also the optimal time to get hitched. It’s easier to invite people to come to the wedding, as the holidays are approaching and everyone’s in a festive […]

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Max Collins and Pancho Magno Tie the Knot

Max Collins and Pancho Magno tied the knot on December 11, 2017 at the Marriott Hotel. It’s all in the details. Designer Francis Libiran personally attended to the bride, making sure she looked perfect on her wedding day. She wore a classic sweetheart silhouette that was embellished with Libiran’s signature patterned beadwork. The […]

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Dream Theme: Into the Woods

Cool kids Lou Muñoz and Neil Cabawatan tied the knot in the woods in Alfonso, Cavite in a color theme we don’t see everyday: fern.  But the color theme is only the first of the many surprises in this wedding that keeps traditional elements at an arm’s length. Exhibit B is ditching the traditional bridal robe: Lou shows […]

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Undying Classics

Something old, something new, and something blue. Let’s start with something old. What pops into your mind first? The dress! And it probably has puffy sleeves, a ridiculous amount of lace, and probably drowning in tulle. It might even be sparsely decorated with plastic pearls–GASP! But alas, here are the […]

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