wedding themes

Dream Themes: Tropical Love

By Shaharaine Abdulla Wedding planning is a massive undertaking and can take its toll on any couple, but adopting a carefree and relaxed theme helps alleviate some of the pressure. Operating on this notion, Blooms 2710 Event Styling created a tropical-inspired setup at Quest Hotel, combining the idyllic appeal of […]

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Teddy Manuel’s Remarkable Artistry

With his remarkable artistry, it is quite surprising to know that Teddy Manuel took aeronautical engineering in college. But perhaps the precise and meticulous nature of this left-brained field also contributed to Teddy’s inherent knack for details—making sure that each and every element blends perfectly to provide an amazing setting […]

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Dream Themes: The Art House, Las Casas Quezon City

By Shaharaine P. Abdullah Romanticizing the past is an exercise in futility but the team behind Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar has taken it to a whole new level by reclaiming Philippine history through the restoration of heritage houses. While the past is far from being innocent and unadulterated, the breathtaking result […]

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Dream Theme: The Last Jedi

When it comes to themed weddings, we’ve seen quite a lot. From enchanting forest-themed weddings to surreal underwater weddings, the creativity that comes into wedding planning never disappoints. As with anything themed, there is a fine line between classy execution and borderline children’s birthday party. Luckily for us, there’s the […]

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