May 11, 2018

A Dance with my Father

Wedding photographer Lito Sy captured heartfelt moments between a father and a daughter in a series of photos on the wedding day of Nadine Cuisia-Reyes. Looking through the photos will definitely make anyone blink back tears, making us wonder about the story behind every shot. Here’s the story, as told by Nadine herself.
Growing up, Nadine’s father worked really hard. He was the kind of dad who provided everything they need and was even able to give a bit more. But there were still moments in her childhood when she wished that her dad was in the picture, but was unfortunately too drowned in his work.
“Yes, he was present during our grade school, high school, and college graduations. But then again, as a little girl, it was the small things that mattered—auditions, school plays, cheer dancing competitions, weekends and the like.”
In 2002, Nadine’s father was diagnosed with stage 3 Cancer of the Larynx, forcing him to quit smoking and drinking altogether. Through Radiation and Laryngectomy, he was in remission for nine years.
But sad news came once again in Oct 2011, at the same time Nadine was seven months pregnant, that another cancer growth was discovered in her father’s throat this time. He was then given the highest possible dosage of chemotherapy where the growth size reduced but was not completely gone.
“Doctors told us that the cancer growth will eventually increase in size and he’d be suffering all the symptoms again. Now that it’s been seven years, cancer has taken a toll on him physically. He’d slowly lose weight, he can no longer eat solid foods, and he would easily get tired.”
“My dad started bargaining with God, asking Him if he can have more time. His first bargain was for him to be able to meet his grandson (my son Nate). After that, he asked to just live up until my son’s 1st bday. My dad will then find more reasons to bargain with God.” 
“On my wedding day, my dad made sure that he would be in perfect shape to walk me down the aisle of St. James the Great in Alabang which is known to have a really long aisle. He would text almost everyday saying he was exercising so he can walk with me down the aisle without a cane.” 
Nadine’s father was not able to finish the reception because he had to go back to rest, but he definitely made sure to be there for the father and daughter dance where Nadine chose to play the song dedicated to her by her dad years ago by The Lettermen, “The Things We Did Last Summer”.
“Dad, our family may not be like the common/regular families, but I still won’t have it any other way. When you go, there are only 2 things I want you to bring with you: that we have forgiven you and that we love you. You have fought a good fight, and know are proud of you. After all you have suffered, without a doubt, God has already reserved your spot in Heaven.”

Photos and video by Lito Sy

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Nadine Cuisia-Reyes
May 11, 2018 at 12:05 pm

Thank you for this feature Wedding Essentials! 😊

BG Bridal Gallery PH
June 13, 2018 at 6:45 am

Our hearts are melting! Amazing photos and lovely video!


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