October 6, 2018

Winsome Box Teaches Us the Art of Purposeful Gifting

One of the upcoming wedding trends is showering your entourage with love through personally-curated gift boxes that reflect the theme of your wedding, creating much excitement and anticipation for the big day. For this reason, we caught up with Carla Gesilva, founder and owner of the first-ever gift curating studio in the Philippines: Winsome Box Premier Gifting Studio. 

“Purposeful Giving” and “Grateful Gifting”

are the two phrases that define the mission of Winsome Box.

With the many wonderful things the gifter could curate for the box, the tendency to pick things that the gifter wants for themselves is unavoidable. This is where the specialization of Winsome Box comes in, fulfilling the role of a guiding hand for the gifters and making sure they pick items their giftees would want. One rule Carla encourages gifters to follow is to pick one personalized or customized item as the focal point of the box, making it easier to pick the rest of the items in the box that complements that central item.

We introduced the mini dried florals and foliage bundles as accents for gift boxes, which we always try to differentiate and update by experimenting on kinds and elements.

The best part about curating gift boxes for me will always be seeing how they all come together with the unique intention of each client coming out in the gift boxes curated for them. With all the gift boxes and gift suites that we have curated, there was none that actually looked exactly the same as another client’s because our process is able to bring out a client’s unique touch and intention for giving.


To curate your own gift boxes for life’s special occasions, visit their website or send them a message on their Facebook or Instagram account.

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